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The short story Rembulan di Dasar Kolam by Danarto in English version.Sorry if there are many errors in the translation into English. Because this short story translated by google translate.

Special thanks to the google who always keep much information.

Excerpts of short stories....

"YOU spying on me." SOUNDS DAD yelling. The voice anger summarizes the whole bedroom. I look like a mirror and beauty equipment, gloxynia vase with flowers and glasses of water supplied since last night, while delivering participate tolerate silence. Is there anything better than the sound of silence for my father often I imagine that thrill netting.
Mother, O mother's voice, I was waiting to hear the mother. I happened to be passing the bedroom, heard the father and bersijingkat body pressed to the door to be as clear as possible and capture the image. For a moment I was waiting for Mother's voice, not even the sound was heard. There was also a sigh. Just slide shoe tread father on the floor near the window. Then there was a rustle of paper silver cigarette packs are opened. Shaking and vibration gas rattled cigarettes are aspirated.
At the height of anger father, at the height of urgency mother, only silence can accept these things as well as possible. Mothers who are just in favor of silence, apparently it had never occurred to give a reason though pinch. Until her children to feel each of silence came, they saw His own mother. Mom just wanted to dive into his chest to hear his own voice, which is then re-birth to the balance. Just to balance it would seem that our family faces could be saved.
How could my mother get a mate elegance father as far as dating violence that is already set up. Speech is truly a question. I do not want to insult my father, who has lowered His children, who have to live it as well as possible. However, as I do not feel willing Mom married Dad. Mothers who are quiet, shy, have the...

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