Selasa, 06 Desember 2011

My Idol, UNGU

I wanna tell about my favorite band that is Ungu Band. I love this band because they song is have beautiful lyric and romantic. When they had a concerted I always wacth on tv and I had been watched them live when they had been concert in Blitar, Malang, and Kediri. But for me unforgetable moment with my idol when they concert in Blitar. They stayed at Puri Perdana Hotel Blitar. Cause I know they stayed at that place, I come to that Hotel to watched they  clousely. Lucky me, I can take a photo and shake hand with all of them. Specialy I very happied cause my dream come true. When I can shake hand Enda. Cause he is my favorite personal, and I had photo from that moment.
My room full of ungu pictures example I had to big poster with light 1 m. I collect  colection from magazine, news paper, and from my friends. And when I saw that photo and pictures my memory about that moment come back. I joyfull for it. My biggest dream is to watch ungu concert privately. So I can have signature, photo, and specialy chit chat with them from heart to heart.
That is my short story about my special moment with my favorite artist that is ungu band. Hope my biggest dream come true. Amin.

Thanks Allah.
Thanks Ungu.
Thanks Enda.

by : Mufidatul Chasanah

4 komentar:

  1. you're the fans club of ungu! hohoho!!
    cintai produk dalam negeri! (lhoh???)

  2. ahhh.... unguuuu!!! unguuu!!! unyuuu2 :)

  3. hmmm...
    kenapa harus ungu ???
    pink no g enek ta ???